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What’s up Hawaii. If your wondering what the heck I’ve been eating the last few days, go to cheapplacestoeatinoahu.com. I’ve updated my site for your viewing and consuming pleasure. Also, if you subscribe to my RSS feed here is the new RSS feed



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If you don’t have a costoc card I highly recommend getting one or find a friend that has one. I don’t know if I would be the person I am today if I had not had a Costco in my life. Costco has a ridiculous return policy, which I do admit I use to my advantage quite often. They give out free samples of food.  Go on the weekend there’s a lot more samples but also a lot more people. Costco also has an amazingly cheap food court. Let’s say your too cheap to purchase a Costco card and you don’t have any friends, have no fear. A friend once told me that special things just seem to happen here. When I saw a food court outside of Costco for the first time I became a believer. I’m from all over California and as a religious member of Costco purchaser of bulk items I have only attended Costcos with courts inside. Now some might think that there’s nothing magical about this, well perhaps not, but special, without a doubt.

Eat Costco’s food without being a member. Don’t worry about the member card thing, they NEVER, ask for it at the food court. At Costco one can get a whole meal for $1.50. Friend, I would not lie to you. I know because that’s exactly what I have done, on several occasions. A hot dog or polish dog and a 16 oz drink for $1.50. These aren’t wimpy limp dogs, but could quite possibly be one of the largest dogs I have ever encountered. Not only that but they’re kosher. Not Jewish, that’s cool, I’m not either. If you like sour kraut you have to ask for it when you order. Hot dogs aren’t very exciting to you? Well, they also have large slices of pizza for $1.99 and and whole 18″ pizza for $9.95. Chicken Bakes for $2.69, but I don’t recommend those. They’re usually over done and has a weird creamy filling. Not a junk food person, no worries, there’s a chicken caesar salad for $3.79. Love sugar, but not the fat, sweet. There’s also berry smoothies, mocha freeze, berry sundae, and nonfat yogurt all between $1.25 – $1.55. As for the fat, think yourself thin or exercise but whatever you do, don’t cut back on the sugar. If you want directions or more info here’s a link

Boston’s North End Pizza Bakery

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If pizza is what you crave I might have found a place for you. Our friend Ona picked us up the other day. We had plans to go to the beach, but our stomachs intervened and we decided to hit up a place to eat first. We were all open to options that were fast, cheap and good. Pizza came to mind so that’s what I suggested and that’s what we went out in search of. Ona’s been on this island for some time now so she knew of a place called Boston’s North End Pizza Bakery that was near by.

Boston’s is a staightforward pizza place. You walk in, order your food at the counter and wait. There’s premade pizza slices laid out behind a glass window or you always have the option of putting in a new order. Along with the typical cheese and peperoni pizzas, they also had the not so typical pizzas like garlic and spinach, or anchovies. The pizza’s were reheated up and served hot. There were a lot of things I liked about this place. For one, they give gigantic slices. Also, if you enjoy herbs like I do, then you’ll love the variety of self serve herbs available to spice your pizza up with. The decor was plain with cheesy Christmas lights that glowed on the wall above. The service was good. I wouldn’t expect anything other than what looked like high school students working at a pizza joint. Pizza slices were around $5.35 depending on what slice you wanted and how many toppings they had. Whole pies were 19″ and 3 lbs. They ranged from around 18 -24 dollars. These are their toppings: pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, bell peppers, anchovies, sausage, garlic, tomato, broccoli, spinach and onions. Sodas were $1.01 – 22 oz, $1.25 – 32 oz, and $1.76 – pitcher. There’s really not much left to say about this place but what I have already said, It was fast, cheap and good. We left ate and headed to the beach to soak up some sun.

This is a picture of three slices of pizza. They’re ridiculously ginormous. If you want more information, give them a call because that’s all I got for you, (808) 734-1945. They don’t have a website but there’s about 12 in Oahu alone. If you want directions click below.

Directions to Boston’s North End Pizza Bakery

Health Bar

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O.k this is for all you skinny cows, I found a place that is definitely worth mentioning. It’s healthy, scrumptious and they have cute little employees – females, to serve you. The first time Ray and went to the health bar was a few weeks back after hiking Diamond Head. We had originally intended on going to Bogarts, a cute little cafe right next door, but they were way too busy. We were famished and decided on going next door to the Health Bar. The place had an artsy island atmosphere. The menu was written on chalk board above where young, inviting employees worked. Now I didn’t say the place was cheap. Actually, I thought, as most health places are, a little overpriced. Throw organic, or health on something only means more money. I was going to order a smoothie for 5.25 but Ray notice this bowl that two girls at a near by table was munching on. It looked like a smoothie in a bowl, with stuff in it. I went over and asked them what they were eating and if it was any good. The girl’s eyes popped out of her skull as she said, “it’s the acai bowl and it’s sooo good.” Alright, I’ll have one of those. If it had the power to do that to her round little eyes just think of what it could do to my slanty wide screen vision eyes. I had to know. Da Cove Bowl is like a fruit smoothie, with acai fruit, mixed berries, banana, strawberry and granola and topped with honey for $6.50. The Mana Bowl is two dollars more, $8.50 because it has more acai fruit and includes bee pollen. Now, if your like most people your probably thinking, “what the fuck is an acai fruit? And bee pollen? No thanks, I have allergies”

I’ll start with the acai fruit. Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) is from Brazil’s Amazon rain forests and is the fruit of a palm tree. Here are some benefits of acai berries.

  • Greater Energy and Stamina
  • Improved Digestion
  • Better Quality Sleep
  • High Protein Value
  • High level of Fiber
  • Rich Omega Content for Your Heart
  • Boosts Your Immune System
  • Essential Amino Acid Complex
  • Helps Regulate Cholesterol Levels
  • 33x the Antioxidant Power of Red Grapes and Red Wine

Acai is also loaded with Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Fiber, and Proteins, all essential to your daily well being and health.

As for bee pollen, the nutrients found in Bee Pollen include polyphenols, enzymes, beneficial fatty acids, free amino acids, vitamin complexes, chelated minerals and trace elements, as well as a large array of phytonutrients. Since the nutrients in Bee Pollen are extremely concentrated even a small amount will complement any diet. Perhaps it’s worth the extra two dollars for the extra acai fruit and bee pollen.

Uhh, not when you cheap. Ray got the Da Cove Bowl, and I splurged and got the Mana Bowl. We sat outside and waited and waited and waited. I went inside to see what was taking so long. Did they forget about us? I mean, the only other people in there were the bug eyed girls. I stood in front of the counter making sure my presence would go unnoticedd. The two girls behind the counter chatted away, taking their sweet time, even stopping every so often to make hand gestures or stop in awe of what the other had to say. Hello, Blondie, and Miss Asian Persuasion, are you dense?. You throw all the ingredients into the blender and press the button. After 30 minutes of waiting we finally got our order. One word, orgasmic. I forgot to add that you get an option of chewy or crunchy granola. We both chose crunchy. Not only do they put granola atop but also there is granola at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about trying to make it last. The bee pollen has a subtle sweet taste that you probably wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t see it. This is the ideal treat for a hot day. It’s light, refreshing and healthy. The Health Bar is close to Diamond Head so after your vigorous hike you can reward yourself to a healthy treat and still feel good about it. Now if smoothies aren’t your thing they also offer other items such as, fish wrap – $9.25, veggie omelet- $8.00, fish salad – sm $10.25, lg $13.50, hummus – $8.75 and fresh squeezed juice for $6.50. $6.50? I could buy at least two cartons of juice for that much. I never said this place was cheap and they definitely don’t have supersonic service. Here’s my advice, order one Mana Bowl over the phone ahead of time and share it. One is large enough for two if your not hungry. The number is 808 732-8744, Drink water, it’s free, healthy and, thank God, self serve. If you want more information, here’s a link to their web site

Diamond Head Cove Health Bar Directions

Leo’s Taverna Express Healthy Greek Food

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Looking for something other than Asian food? Well I got a place for you. Today Ray and I decided to go grocery shopping. It’s sad but since we arrived here I’ve attempted to cooked once, and it was a crappy breakfast burrito. Even though I’m not all that domesticated, I know I’m better than that, so I went out to redeem myself. Outside of Don Quijote Grocery Store lies a food court. It’s perfect for the hungry shoppers that just can’t wait. Besides, shopping on a hungry stomach only makes your eyes bigger than your stomach which will only cause you to spend more money on food you really don’t need and then you will get fat. That’s not cool. I say, go ahead, explore your options, eat some food. There are a wide array of options here, Korean food, Chinese food, Italian food, a bakery, Japanese, and Greek. I decided on Leo’s Taverna Express Healthy Greek Food. They had lamb gyros for $4.95. Some people aren’t too keen on the idea of eating cute little lambs, and a lot of people just aren’t accustomed with this meat. I love lamb, especially when I eat Indian food. Lamb is very tender and delectable. Unless your a vegetarian, or it’s against your religion I urge you to try it. These gyros were hefty. Large people or people with a large appetite should order two, otherwise there’s really no reason to order more than one. It consists of lamb, lettuce, diced tomatoes and cucumber sauce within a soft warm pita bread. Yum. Yeah, It’s o.k. to order another one, it’s worth the fat, and besides according to Leo, it’s suppose to be healthy. The menu also had other items such as hummus for $4.75, Chicken Wrap for $6.95, and a Greek Salad for $7.25. Enjoy!

Directions to Don Quijote  (Don Quijote just bought Daiei Inc)

Royal Pearl Vietnamese Restaurant

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O.k. I found a place that is worthy of a visit. While out looking for a place to live, my fiance and I stumbled upon a cute little restaurant called Royal Pearl Vietnamese Restaurant. Skimming the menu I noticed the prices were about 2-3 dollars cheaper, per item, than the Vietnamese restaurant that I went to the night before in Waikiki. I ordered the beef salad for $6.75. If your idea of an Asian salad is the typical Chinese chicken salad I highly suggest you venture out of your realm, especially if your one of those people that just don’t do salads, like Ray. Vegetables are good for you. My salad consisted of finely sliced beef strips, roman lettuce, finely sliced onions, sweet and sour radishes and carrots and fresh herbs like mint and basil with toasted onions and peanuts atop. I don’t know what type of dressing that was used, but it tasted like somewhat of a vinaigrette, without any oil. I think the most fattening item was the toasted onions, as there was no visible fat on my beef. I ate ever last bit of it because it was too good to go to waste and too little to pack up. Although I took in more than I should of, it didn’t give me that nasty, heavy feeling; no food coma what so ever.
Ray, he’s not a huge fan of Vietnamese or Thai. He says it smells like skanky hooker pussy. He’s referring to the fish sauce of course and how he even knows what skank hooker pussy smells like, I really don’t want to know. If your not familiar with fish sauce, it’s used in many Asian dishes especially Vietnamese and Thai. I’m not sure what it actually consists of or if it even has any fish in it at all, but it’s really salty and rarely used alone. Usually sugar, vinegar and other spices are added to balance out the salty flavor. Now about the smell, it only has a strong pungent scent if it gets on your clothes or skin. Next time your at a restaurant with fish sauce go ahead and take a whiff. Sure, it’ll smell a little, but that’s only because your all up in it’s business. Now take a little drop of it and rub it on the back of your palm. Now smell, mmm, there’s nothing like skank hooker pussy that makes your taste buds dance. Take a napkin and wipe your face because your drooling and embarrassing your family and friends.

Ray ordered the summer rolls. There’s two per order for $4.25. There’s only one in the picture because the other one was in his mouth. His only complaint was that there wasn’t any crab meat in it. Sometime back he order spring rolls that came with crab meat and shrimp. I told him it was a fluke because they don’t usually come with crab meat, just shrimp, rice noodles, basil, and lettuce with peanut sauce as dip. However, this apparently traumatized him as he is still is not over it and mentions every time he eats a summer roll that he likes the kind with crab in it. Whatever, if you know of any places please leave me a comment.

As for the ambiance, it was quaint and humble. There were even a few tables separated by bamboo screens, giving a very private and exotic dinning experience. The chairs were of Asian decor and not the typical cheesy 1980’s hotel freebees. The only thing cheesy about this place was the Christmas lights that hung inside above the window in mid April. This wasn’t a super cheap place but definitely affordable. Within the menu I found some low budget meals : Vietnamese sandwich – $5.50, Tofu salad – $5.95, Curry beef or chicken – $6.50, and Banana tapioca – $2.50. I think this place is worth a try and if you do, please don’t steal the fish sauce as a souvenir. Karma will bite you in the ass and it will spill all over your suit case and everyone will know what you did in on vacation in Hawaii.

Directions to Royal Pearl Bistro

Naniwa Ya Ramen

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Amongst spam, sushi and Kahlua pork, ramen is a popular commodity here on the island. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Ramen. Honestly, I’m a little confused as to why it is so popular. Why would anyone want to eat noodles in steamy hot broth in Hawaii? It’s like drinking hot green tea in a sauna. Hot soup in Hawaii is to green tea in a sauna. The more I thought about it the more cleansing and relaxing it sounded to me. I suddenly felt the need for a proper detox, the Asian way, the Ramen way.

There’s a ramen place in side the food court at the Ala Mouana Mall. I decided to check it out after a long day of shopping. Naniwa Ya Ramen didn’t look very busy, the prices looked decent and the place looked clean. After further examining the menu, I ordered the won ton ramen. Now if your not familiar with what a won ton is, it’s a flat square noodle that is wrapped around meant, usually ground pork. Won tons can be prepared in soup, deep fried , or as my mother use to serve them, steamed with a dipping sauce. It took about 5 minutes till I got my food, I took a minute to observe my food before I ate it. The noodle’s were perfect, not over or under cooked, just like the green veggies that came with it. the broth was tasty, and hot. Temperature of food is a big deal for me. If food is meant to be hot, then that’s the way I want it to be. The brightly colored pink thing in my soup was scrumptious. It tasted like some sort of seafood. Just think of imitation seafood meat, but not flaky and not imitation. the won tons, on the other hand were a huge disappointment. the noodles were a little too soft, probably from being over cooked. The meat that resided within was barely the size of the meat in a can of spaghetti O’s. Not to mention it tasted like free-range meat. There was absolutely no thought put into the creation of what could have been a very tasty treat. Considering my family use to own a small Chinese restaurant where I have spent many hours in mass production of the won ton, yes it is safe to call me a won ton expert. I’ll have it put in bold print on my new business cards. At first I didn’t think enough of them were given, but the more I ate the more I wanted to trade them in for those brightly colored pink seafood things. The meal cost me a little over $7.00. Now $7.00 still puts you in the cheap food catacgory, but when it resembles that of a .25 cents top ramen pack it starts to look a little pricey. If you want my advice, go to the grocery store and buy some green tea and head to the nearest sauna.

Directions to Naniwa Ya Ramen